MTB                        hulls   for shipshape models 

1/72 SCALE 


Hobart class AWD / Álvaro de Bazán class F-100, De Zeven Provinciën class frigate, Type 82 HMS Bristol, Type 22 Batch 1 Frigate,  Type 14 Frigate, Type 24 Frigate, HMS Fearless, LCI(L), 404 Elbe Class Tender, Bertholf USCG NSC-750 Legend Class, FREMM Bergamini frigate, USS Freedom LCS-1,  


Hecla Class Survey Ship, HMS Leeds Castle, HMS Peacock, Island Class OPV, PC-1 Cyclone Class, River Class MCMV, Hunt Class MCMV, Sandown Class MCMV, Swedish Visby Class Corvette with foredeck and superstructure, Flower Class Corvette,  Castle Class Corvette, Ton Class M/S, HMS Kingfisher, RMAS Bee, RFA Seafox, Round Table Class Trawler, Military Class Trawler, Isles, Tree, Shakespearean and Dance Class Trawler, HMS Basset, 105ft MMS, YMS M/S, Bar Class boom defence, Reciprocating Bangor Class, River Class OPV, Storm/Snøgg/Hauk/Hugin class,


RN Fairmile A/C, Fairmile B, Fairmile D, Fairmile H, BPB MGB/MTB/MASBs 71.5ft, 70ft, 63ft, 60ft, Vosper MTBs inc 60ft, 73ft, 70ft e.g. MTB 234, MTB 510, Thornycroft MTB, JS White MTB 253, 72ft RN HDML Motor Launch, BYMS minesweeper, Camper & Nicholson MGB/MTB series I and II, Denny SGB, Thornycroft 55ft CMB/MTB, 78ft Higgins MTB, 70ft and 77ft Elco MTB, Admiralty MFV 75ft & 90ft, Brave, Gay & Dark class FPBs, Scimitar class FTB, HAM class minesweeper, Ford Class SDB, Loyal Class RNXS fleet tender, 80ft Elco ML, Bold Pioneer, 1915 Insect class large China  gunboat, 1932 HMS Robin river gunboat, Thornycroft 69ft HSTTL, RAN 80ft HDML and 80ft sea-ambulance (like Krawarree),RAF; BPB HSL 64ft Type I, 63ft Type II (Whaleback) and 68ft Type III (H&D), CPB 70ft HSL/MTB, Vosper HSL, 67ft Thornycroft HSL, Miami HSL, Walton HSL, 60ft and 63ft General Service Pinnaces, Vosper 68ft RTTL, James & Stone 78ft MKIII RTTL, BPB 41.5 & 37.5' STs, Krogerwerft D-Boat, Seal Class LRRSC, USA MK VI Patrol Boat, Nasty Class PTF/TJELD, Huckins 78ft PT Boat, Higgins PT Boat, Elco 70ft, 77ft and 80ft PT Boats, USCG 83ft Wheeler, WWI and WWII 110’ SC Subchasers, YMS minesweeper, 63ft, 85ft and 104ft USAF AVR rescue boats, GERMAN KM Schnellboote; S38 E-Boat with foredeck, S7-13 E-Boat, KM Raumboote; R108-126 R-Boat and Luftwaffe FLB 500 series rescue boat. ITALIAN; Baglietto VAS (Vedetta Anti-Sommergibile), CRDA series I MS (Motosilurante), MAS series III (Motoscafo Armato Silurante), 


Fairplay 30 / 31 ocean going tug, Sloman Discoverer Cargo ship, Graf Goetzen / M.V. Liemba, M.Y. “Christina O”, Scillonian II ferry (1955),

1/72 COMING SOON; Meko 200,  Brooke/Garcia class,




1/96 SCALE;

Independence LCS-2,Meko 200 (RAN Anzac), Flight IIA Arleigh Burke DDG, Bertholf USCG NSC-750 Legend Class, Durand De La Penne destroyer, Brandenburg  F-123 frigate,Floreal frigate, JHSV Spearhead class, USCG Juniper class, USS Bainbridge CGN25,  Horizon-class (Forbin),Steregushchiy corvette, USS Carronade, Dealey Destroyer Escort,  Loyal Fleet Tender, FREMM Bergamini,  Udaloy Destroyer, USNS Lewis and Clark, Suffren D602,  Slava cruiser, De Zeven Provinciën F802, Siem Moxie, Karel Doorman frigate, Damen LST-80,  Fridtjof Nansen frigate, Lupo frigate,  Reliance Class USCG, Audace destroyer, George Leygues or Cassard frigate (can be modified for Aconit), 404 Elbe Tender, F-125 frigate, Kirov battlecruiser, USS Freedom LCS-1, FREMM Aquitaine, Kara cruiser, Gearing DD, Sumner DD, Fletcher DD, Casablanca CVE, Etna class replenishment, Kaiser replenishment oiler, 

COMING SOON in 1/96 scale; 

 Ticonderoga Spruance Kidd class, Takanami destroyer,La Fayette FL-3000 frigate, Hobart AWD / F100 Frigate, LPH-2 IWO JIMA, Type 26 frigate, Cavour carrier, Stromboli oiler, Commandante patrol, USCG Healy icebreaker, Tromp frigate, Adroit patrol, IJN Ise Battleship, Kortenaer frigate,  Garibaldi C551, Impavido destroyer, RV Meteor,  Mistral (L9013), Zumwalt, Lider destroyer, Canberra-class LHD, Hood, KGV, Type 23 frigate, Type 45 destroyer, Lewis B Puller,

1/35 SCALE; Fairmile D with and without torpedo scallops, Fairmile B,Fairmile H, 72FT HDML, Higgins PT Boat, Huckins PT Boat, OSA Missile Boat,Ham Class Minesweeper,Higgins LCP(L),  55' WWII Thornycroft CMB, BPB 60'MTB,40' LCS(M) MKIII, 48' LCS(L) MKI, LCA, Bronekater BK1124,RN Bird Class (RAF Seal Class),

coming soon; Elco 77,

1/48 scale; Damen Stan Patrol 5509, SC-497 USN WWII Subchaser. 

1/50 scale; Damen ASD Tug 2810, Fairplay 30, Project 1145.1 Mukha class,

1/144 scale; coming; Crown Colony Class Cruiser,

1/200th scale;  USS Hornet CV-8, RN G/H destroyer, 

MISC;     1/72 Onassis' M.Y. Christina O, 1/32 Perkasa, 1/25 Guardia Di Finanza Bigliani VI, Fairey Spearfish 86x23cm, DellQuayDory 13 84x36cm baitboat, Speedboat 100x30cm, Cabin cruiser110x35cm baitboat,

1/87 SCALE;VISBY class corvette hull deck and superstructure, Petya Class Frigate, Elco PT Boat with deck and superstructures,


Donald Smith RAF Marine Craft Historian and Master Modeller. Michael Brown RAN Historian and Master Modeller TF72 Australia. John Lambert (RIP) RN Small Vessels Plans. John Pritchard (RIP) RAF Marine Craft Plans. Les Brown IPMS SIG leader and Vosper expert. Al Ross II Plans and PT Boats Historian. Christopher Walters HSL Mouldings. Phil Simons Small Craft Historian.
David Fricker RASC Marine Craft Historian. Anthony Holtham RAF Marine Craft Historian. Jecobin Warship Plans. The team at the NMM ship plans service.
Nick Brown Master Modeller.
Tim Connelly PT Boat Historian.
Ted Else RN FPB Historian.
Marc-Andre Morin RCN Fairmiles Historian. Chip Marshall PT Boat Historian. Jan Kiel Small Craft Historian. Dr John Harland WWII ML Captain and RN Historian.
David Jack Master Modeller.
John Elsy Master Modeller.
Richard Densham (RIP) Master Modeller. Peter Henshaw (RIP) Master Modeller.


1/24 SCALE


1/24th Hulls prices calculated at £1.00/ft;

RN Vosper MTB 102 68ft.

RN Vosper 70ft MTB.(narrow types with raised foredeck i.e. MTB's 35, 36, 38, and 218 - 221)

RN Fairmile A/C 110ft.

RN Fairmile B 112ft.

RN Fairmile D 115ft

RN HDML 72ft.

RN BPB 60ft MTB.

RN BPB 71.5ft MGB/MTB (MGB deck and wheelhouse also available).

RN Thornycroft 75ft MTB.

RN Thornycroft WWI 40ft CMB with deck

RN Thornycroft 1940 55ft CMB with deck (see note below).

RN Dark Class 72ft FPB.

RN Gay Class 75ft FPB.

RN/KD Vosper Brave/Perkasa 100ft semi-kit. Re-mastered Autumn 2018. 

RAF 40ft seaplane Tender.

RAF Vosper 68ft RTTL.

RAF 60ft General Service Pinnace.

RAF/RN BPB 63ft Whaleback HSL/MGB/MASB &deck.

RAF BPB 64ft Type 100 HSL.

RAF BPB 68ft Hants & Dorset HSL.

RAF 41.5ft BPB Seaplane Tender.

RAF Thornycroft 67ft HSL.

RASC 45ft Rivers Class Fast Launch.

RASC 48ft Derby Winners Class Fast Launch.

RASC 69ft Thornycroft High Speed Target Towing Launch.

USN Elco 80ft PT Boat.

USN SC-497 class 110ft Subchaser

USN/USAAF/RAF/RAAF/RAN/ZA/NZ "Miami" 63ft AVR/HSL rescue boat (deck and wheelhouse also available). 

KM S38/S100 E-Boat 114ft.

Luftwaffe Flugbetriebsboot FL.B 500 90ft.

RM MAS 555 Italian MTB 63ft.

Nasty PTF (or Tjeld) class semi kit

1/16th Soviet Bronekater project 1124 armoured gunboat (£130.00).

1/12th 46ft RAF Vosper Firefloat/Crash Tender (£92.00).

cambered decks and wheelhouses are available for some hulls at extra cost.





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