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I build accurate GRP hulls of naval vessels including oceangoing, coastal patrol, torpedo, gun, rescue, subchaser, minesweeper type vessels from most nations, mostly from WWII, cold-war and current periods. I use the most reliable drawings available to lend the greatest authenticity to your project.

The hulls are plain i.e. no rubbing strips etc. and are finished in white
gelcoat. I use 330g or 450 g/m2 chopped strand mat and polyester resin, the
hulls are made as light as possible and with reinforcement where needed so they are
good for RC use as well as static display. To date the smallest hull made is the 1/72 scale 40' RAF Seaplane Tender and the smallest used for RC is an Elco 77 PT Boat in 1/72nd scale which weighed under 50 grams and the largest are the 1/96 scale USNS Lewis and Clark and 1/96 scale Kirov battlecruiser. All the large hulls are suitable for RC. 

The most popular scales available are 1/96th, 1/72nd (to match the Airfix and Revell kits) and also 1/35th (to match the Italeri kits) so that you can add new types to your collections and use those kits to provide fittings, armaments, sterngear etc. I do many types in 1/24th scale, one that is very popular and many fittings and armaments are commercially available.

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